Our Virtual Primary Card + Plus platform is designed to help leverage technology and care to provide overall cost mitigation and increase your bottom line!

Sharing Programs


Our Daily & Chronic benefits in conjunction with you sharing plan will increase quality of care and reduce operational strain and risk!

Small Business


 Provide Benefits in a competitive market for a fraction of a cost giving you the advantage!

Virtual First Care

Expert Technologists & Healthcare professional

Technology provides opportunities in healthcare for increased quality of care, increased chronic management success while reducing risk confining costs.

Data Scientests
Healthcare Experts
Tech Geeks
Virtual First Primary care

Virtual First Care Technology

Data Drives Decisions and VFC can equip your organization to make choice that impact both patient outcomes and bottom-line. The future of healthcare starts with Virtual Primary Care and VFC provides next level solutions for all risk taker!

Who we serve

If you share in risk or are worried about cost confinement, mitigation, profitability or overall care and access, we are for you.

Our Mission

Drive better health outcomes for end users while mitigating risk using data & technology.

Our Vision

Redefine healthcare from point of purchase through utilization for are shareholders providing better outcomes for all.

Our Values

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats “#ARTLAB” is a culture where all parties are equally incentivized to meet long term outcomes together.

Small Business

Small Businesses need affordable options to help retain top level team members with creative benefit options.

Self-Funded Groups

Self-Funded groups need security in their healthcare in order to feel confident during their day-to-day.

Medical Sharing Plans

Medical Sharing is gaining popularity, and cost reduction along with Virtual Primary Care 24/7 from VFC can help you save time, reduce overall costs and provide national coverage.

Stop Loss Carriers

If you’re a risk taker, your #1 objective is to mitigate expenses. Technology combined with VFC is the answer to your profitability management.

MEC Plans

Let VFC provide the back-office & support your customers demand nationwide so you can focus on what you do best.

Third Party Administratoors

Leveraging next level technology offered by VFC can help you control your expenses, and provide a higher level of execution for your carriers and customers.

Virtual care First

my area of expertise

Data Drives Decisions!

Predictive Analytics

We use proprietary algorithms and predictive analytics to help you decide what the best choices are for your company, including your offerings for coverage.

Profit Optimization

Information is how profits grow. The more about your company and your coverage plans you know, the more you can save money! Our systems are already designed to get you there!

Machine Learning

Our technology is always learning, so we can show you how your coverage plans are affecting your employees and how we can help you save money.

Artificial Intelligence

All of our technology works together to create our own healthcare mind. This artificial intelligence helps you make informed decisions about your healthcare options and save the most money for your company.

what makes Us different

A Focus on personal Service

We strive to deliver the highest level of service to everyone who wants affordable medical coverage. We especially encourage small and medium size businesses reach out. 

We are your Healthcare Experts

We know healthcare can be overly expensive, especially if you’re paying for services you will never use. Virtual First Care prioritizes quality and economy. We make sure to cover all the most common needs and prescriptions, lowering costs tremendously. 

  • Analytical Mind
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Ethical
  • Inquisitive
Professional and Trustworthy

We work with  a variety  of doctors and experts to give you the highest level of service.

Dedicated Accounts Service

Each member in your program gets their own portal login for services.

Responsive And Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our personal, down-to-earth customer service.

Provide A Secure Online Area

We set up a private portal for your business!


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Purchasing a full healthcare plan for my entire small business would be too much. Virtual First Care helps keep healthcare economical.

Sebastian Mann

Mann Engineering

This is the product that got my company through Covid!

Eric Mathias

Bulldog Accounting

I love the wide array of coverage and the personal service that Virtual First Care provides to me and my staff.

Ernest Casey

Wisconsin’s Finest KnickKnacks

The plan even covered my pets! I didn’t expect this level of care!

Dianne Ameter

Amazonian Imports

We had a rough transition to work-from-home, but Virtual First Care made it easy to switch.

Arnold Alston

New Lights Media

my work in numbers

Let the numbers Speak!

Our team has a long history in the healthcare and insurance markets, so we take the highest level of care for you and your company!

Years of Experience
Members Serviced
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